• jacquesjull
    You’ll be able to then really feel comfy selecting something a little unusual from this collection, like a bold tie or a patterned sweater vest you may usually fear wouldnt look quite proper. At Italsuit we consider that the right go well with can solely be discovered when the individuality of the swimsuit matches with the individuality of the particular person sporting the go well with. For instance double-breasted go well with shall be odd
  • Elkin Nocua
    With the power of the blockchain technology, especially Ethereum’s ERC20 token standard, it’s very easy to create new tokens today. Currently there are 96k Ethereum token contracts, many of which are created by ICOs or other blockchain projects. More and more people have acquired some tokens, either from trades at exchanges or from token sales and token airdrops. However, there’s one problem: most new tokens, including the vast majority of tokens from ICOs, are not
  • admin
    China launching a digital counterpart of the yuan backed by gold puts Bitcoin (BTC) at a disadvantage, veteran gold bug Peter Schiff claims. In a tweet on Nov. 2, Schiff, notorious for his cynicism when it comes to Bitcoin, attempted to counter criticism of his stance by Keiser report host, Max Keiser.  Schiff tells Keiser: gold backing beats BTC “According to @maxkeiser I’m an idiot because I think #gold is better money than #Bitcoin,” he wrote.  Schiff also repeated his oft-quoted idea that Bitcoin has
  • Elkin Nocua
    A South Korean presidential committee is pushing for the government to establish legal status for cryptocurrency to stay competitive globally. So far, the government’s policies have been risk-focused to curb speculation, which the committee says must change. bitcoin.com The South Korean Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (PCFIR), directly under the president, has made several recommendations regarding the country’s cryptocurrency regulation. The PCFIR coordinates policies and reviews matters pertaining to the national master plans
  • romy ospino duran
    Tuesday, Oct. 22 — Crypto markets are mostly showing red candlesticks, while Bitcoin (BTC) fails to impress with a sudden drop below the $8,100 price point. Bitcoin was trading above the $8,200 price mark for the better part of the day, but has dipped below $8,100 in recent hours. The world’s largest cryptocurrency traded at an intraday high of nearly $8,300, before losing ground towards its current trading price of around $8,040. BTC is reporting
  • romy ospino duran
    Open your Wallet Bitcoin technical analysis: Looks like Bitcoin wants to test 9K again BTC/USD is pushing to the consolidation low that it created after the push to the 10K resistance on Saturday. The consolidation low currently stands at 8,917.00 just below the 9K psychological support. If you look at the same pattern on the thirty-minute chart below on a higher four-hour timeframe it does look like a bull flag that is getting ready to break

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